ADPACK - Promotion Video Pack

Price: 1.500 euros

Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, get your own video at fair price, make your brand’s face visible to your targeted audience!


LOCATION: Client’s Factory/Offices/Workshop (Optional: Studio)


EQUIOPMENT: Sony A7SII Pro, Sony Lens Set (16-35mm, 55 mm, 90 mm), Kino Flo 120 Light Set (Optional), ARRI M40 – 4000 W HMI Spot Light (Optional), ARRI T2 – 2000W Tungsten Fresnel Spot Light (Optional), ARRI T1 – 1000W Tungsten Fresnel Spot Light (Optional), ARRI 650 Plus – 650W Tungsten Fresnel Spot Light (Optional), GoPRO Hero 5 Action Cam, GoPRO Fusion 360 Degree Cam (Optional), DJI Inspire 2 Drone (Optional), DJI Phantom 4 Pro (Optional), DJI Ronin Cam Gimbal Stabilizer (Optional), DJI Osmo (Portable Cam) (Optional)

STAFF: Director, Director of Picture/Assistant, Production, Executive Producer

POST PRODUCTION: Editing, Graphic Design, Sound Technician

FINAL PRODUCT: Promotional Video (1), Instagram Video (30 sec), Photos (Extra)

VIDEO DURATION: 120-150 sec

MUSIC: Standart / Optional


  • Intro Brand Logo Extra: Animation / Transition
  • General Takes Outdoor Factory / Offices / Workshop – Wide Shots
  • General Takes Indoor Factory / Offices / Workshop – Wide Shots
  • Close-Ups Indoor/Outdoor Application / Products
  • Footages Indoor/Outdoor Brand Related Images
  • Motto Final Sequence
  • Pre-Fin Brand Logo Extra: Animation
  • Photo Shooting Extra
  • Fin

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